Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited

Caritas developed a reputation management plan for Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (TEPNG) on how to manage an operational incident. Read More

We developed the strategy for communicating with internal and external stakeholders in addition to producing communication materials on the incident, including media statement, key messages. Caritas interfaced with the media on behalf of TEPNG to ensure there were no negative reports during the incident.

Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC)

Caritas provided corporate advert conceptualisation design as well as made buying and placement for Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC). Read More

In discharging these duties, Caritas followed up with the news media to meet stipulated deadlines. These tasks were facilitated flawlessly and delivered in good time based on Caritas’ strong network and good relations with the news media.

Exxon Mobil

Caritas provided services to ExxonMobil’s upstream Nigeria affiliate, Mobil Producing Nigeria. Read More

The task was to source and conduct research, opinion testing and evaluation, and deploy programmes and strategies to enhance relations between ExxonMobil, its neighbouring communities, the government and other relevant stakeholders. The platform for this project was called Project Care. Some programs developed and integrated by Caritas under Project Care include Ibom Programme on Environmental Awareness (IPEA), Pan Nigeria Road Safety Awareness Campaign and launch of One with Nigeria campaign, among others. Project Care has helped improve perception of the ExxonMobil brand – the company was adjudged most valuable contributor to the Nigerian economy in 2014.

Pan Ocean Oil Corporation

Pan Ocean Oil Corporation, an indigenous oil exploration and production company engaged Caritas to provide Corporate Communication services and manpower professional skill development of its Public Affairs personal. Read More

Caritas prepared a comprehensive stakeholder mapping on behalf of Pan Ocean, trained personnel and executed various CSR programs in line with the company’s overall corporate vision. Caritas also ensure execution of Community/ Government Relations plan of the company. Furthermore, Caritas delivered issues tracking and media monitoring services to Pan Ocean to support its operations.

Oil-Producers Trade Sector

The Oil-Producers Trade Sector of the Lagos State Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the industry’s umbrella body for oil and gas producing companies in Nigeria. Read More

Caritas developed a communication strategy to support the programs of the OPTS and ensure that its activities is understood by stakeholders. Caritas deployed a 3-pronged scaleable media program which reinforced and sustained the position of OPTS on various industry issues such as The Petroleum Industry Bill.

Caritas also executed other programs to promote relations between OPTS and other stakeholders. Caritas organised capacity building workshop for Energy correspondents to improve their reporting skills and knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Through these programs, OPTS earned mileage and also experienced an upsurge in its share of voice. Caritas also produced the OPTS compendium of local content initiative titled “Local Content Stride in the Oil and Gas Industry”.


Savannah Bank of Nigeria

After a protracted legal battle between the Board of Savannah Bank and the regulatory authorities – Central Bank of Nigeria and Nigerian Deposit Insurance Board, the Court of Appeal ruled that the withdrawal of license from the bank was made out of malice and subsequently declared it null and void. Read More

Savannah Bank contracted Caritas to develop and execute a communication strategy that will address the misconceptions about the withdrawal of the license and reposition the bank on the path of recovery. Caritas executed the brief in such a manner that in the two months the campaign lasted, Savannah Bank assumed a high-profile stature. Our communication strategy ensured that Savannah Bank enjoyed all-positive reportage.

Safeline Microfinance Bank

Safeline Microfinance Bank was incorporated to provide banking services according to the relevant laws in Nigeria to primarily, staff of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and the general public. Read More

The Bank is owned by the FRSC staff co-operative society and other individual members of staff of the commission.

Caritas was engaged to provide PR support for the launch of Safeline Microfinance Bank as well as create sustainable awareness for the bank and its services. The professional management of the program by Caritas ensured 100% positive reportage of the launch in mainstream national media. This helped position Safeline Microfinance Bank as industry leader in microfinance banking in Nigeria.

Vine Capital Partners (VCP)

In the wake of the reform of the Nigerian banking industry in 2009, five banks were taken over by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Read More

The banks were offered for sale to willing investors by the apex financial body. Vine Capital Partners was one of the investment firms shortlisted by the CBN as a core investor in one of the banks. Vine Capital Partners was interested in acquiring the then Afribank Plc (now Heritage Bank Plc).

Against the backdrop of little knowledge of the background of Vine Capital Partners, Caritas was engaged to provide the required visibility to the firm as well as ensure that the investment plans were clearly understood by all stakeholders. Caritas helped raise the profile of Vine Capital Partners in the public space and positioned the management as world class professionals with years of financial experience in some of the best institutions around the world.


Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission(NERC)

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission is the body set up to manage the deregulation of electricity industry in Nigeria. Caritas was responsible for developing the first ever communication plan for the NERC. Read More

The plan covered stakeholder analysis, engagement planning, communication channel analysis, media campaign strategies, communication tools development as well as communication process review and redesign.

The United Nations Development Programme / Bank of Industry (UNDP/BOI)

The United Nations Development Programme / Bank of Industry (UNDP/BOI) Access to Renewable Energy (ATRE) is a project initiated by the Bank of Industry (BOI) with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Read More

The project focused on increasing the national capacity to invest in and utilize renewable energy resources to improve the access to modern energy services for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria.

Caritas implemented a thorough review of the existing communication practices, policies, processes and channels as well as a stakeholder analysis. Thereafter, Caritas developed a robust and all-inclusive action-oriented strategic communication plan. Caritas was also responsible for the production of brand collaterals – brochures, event programmes, call cards, posters, banners and stickers.

The Tourism Employment and Opportunity (TEMPO)

The Tourism Employment and Opportunity (TEMPO) World Bank project was an innovative project combining tourism, jobs creation and business development launched by CDC Development Solutions (CDS). Read More

Caritas played an advisory role in developing and positioning products to target audience. Caritas developed and executed reach-out activities to engage targets, develop key messages and helped build the profile of the event. Caritas also coordinated the interface between clients and the media, and provided media monitoring services.



MainOne is a communication services company delivering broadband connectivity services to institutions across West Africa. Read More

Caritas developed MainOne’s communication strategy, content and distribution of MainOne’s publications and special corporate items to key media contacts. With the support of Caritas, MainOne achieved exponential voice share. Caritas also stimulated public interest in broadband issues, thus improving market demand.

A typical example was the “Feel the Impact” promo which was aimed at demonstrating the competitive advantage of MainOne’s broadband service. Beyond this, Caritas has continued to provide communication solution to support MainOne’s business growth.


Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management. As part of its strategy to drive business growth, Schneider Electric engaged the services of Caritas. Read More

Caritas developed a Corporate Communications strategy for Schneider Electric and helped foster good relations between the company and the news media via periodic interactions. An interview developed by Caritas to profile the Country President of Schneider Electric Nigeria which was published in The Guardian newspaper was classified as a global standard by Schneider Electric Headquarters in France.

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