Our Subsidiaries

Caritas Communications

Caritas Energy and the Reputation Solutions Faculty make up the Caritas Communications business unit. This business unit provides services for the energy/oil & gas/power sector. Caritas Communications has expertise and experience in developing crisis preparedness with energy, oil and gas and power companies. We do this by offering analysis, consultancy and training to aid companies’ stakeholder communication, management and outreach. We provide support to companies and help achieve their business objectives through development of proactive external engagement strategies.

The Reputation Solution Faculty specializes in strategy development and skill improvement solutions. Considering that media interviews represent a key communication opportunity and undertaking a media interview is a task even the most experienced executives can find daunting. The faculty provides advanced level training on the media landscape and application of key media communication skills to various corporate situations – crisis, briefings, etc.

Caritas Communications offers unique full service communication consultancy. For us, issues and crisis management is not a practice area, it is our core business and we are knowledgeable experts and thought-leaders in these disciplines.


Caritas PR

Caritas PR is the public relations execution arm at Caritas. Our business consultants address business risks and opportunities through the lens of corporate reputation. Our strategy is to work as an integral part of our clients’ businesses, maintaining concerted efforts towards ensuring competitiveness. We are trusted by our clients to help them protect, manage and capitalize on their reputation capital.


Caritas Digital

Caritas Digital is an autonomous business unit of Caritas, which seeks to revolutionize digital communication between corporate organizations and their stakeholders: investors, shareholders, government, regulatory bodies and employees.

At Caritas Digital, we understand that a well-crafted digital or social media campaign can make so much difference. From Twitter to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn to Google+, we know the best platforms to reach customers, prospects and influencers. We effectively engage the customers on clients’ behalf.

We also offer Blogger Development and Outreach, Platform Prioritization, Social Media Monitoring, Audit and Targeting. Caritas Digital has a strategic partnership with Investis Limited, the world’s largest privately held software-as-a-service provider for corporate communications and investor relations.


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