Caritas Communications


Caritas Energy and the Reputation Solutions Faculty make up the Caritas Communications business unit. This business unit provides services for the energy/oil & gas/power sector.

Caritas Communications has expertise and experience in developing crisis preparedness with energy, oil and gas and power companies. We do this by offering analysis, consultancy and training to help with all aspects of companies’ stakeholder communication, management and outreach. We help companies achieve their commercial objectives through developing proactive external engagement strategies.

The Reputation Solution Faculty specializes in strategy development and skill improvement solutions. Considering that media interviews represent a key communication opportunity and undertaking a media interview is a task even the most experienced executives can find daunting. The faculty provides advanced level training on the media landscape and application of key media communication skills to various corporate situations – crisis, briefings, etc.

Caritas Communications offers unique full service communication consultancy. For us, issues and crisis management is not a practice area, it is our core business and we are knowledgeable experts and thought-leaders in these disciplines.

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